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Brave Enough Briefings 4.8.20

"God is not a granter of wishes. God is a ruthless bitch."

"If it is impossible for you to go on as you were before, you must go on as you never have."

-Cheryl Strayed


Disclaimer - I am a spiritual being, I hope you believe you are too. If the names used in my writing don't resonate for you I encourage you to find ones that do. I usually refer to the essence of our universe and of our being as Spirit. For this article it happens to be God. If for you that's something different, please use what works for you.

God doesn't give you what you want, he provides you with what you need. There is no gift, opportunity, experience, or moment of contrast that you've experienced that wasn't meant for you. That doesn't mean those moments were right or didn't hurt - but it all happens for a reason. And most reasons you can't see from your eyes. You need a fiery visionary perspective from above. A God-like view.

From up there, the pain, the suffering, the beauty, the trauma, the love, the loss- it all makes sense. It's shrouded in purpose and plan if we can ever find the time to align ourselves mind, body, spirit and being. If God is ruthless it's for our own good. Weapons are forged in fire and diamonds under pressure. Wishing doesn't grant our most intimate desires.

It's work. Aligning with the self so you're not wishing for things that won't even make you complete. God doesn't grant those wishes, he grants what's good for you. The true you.

If the way you're operating isn't bringing the results you need it's time to adjust. If Gods not granting those wishes it's time to get clear. The old ways of doing won't help you into a new way of being. You have to move into the unknown, the uncomfortable, that's where you will find your greatest joys, pains, loves, and evermore. A new way of being, a new alignment. A new way cannot work in the old, it must rise out of it.



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