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When You've Said All You Can, It's Okay to Walk Away

Truth is, you can try to make things right with people. You can ask what's going on, you can ask to catch up, apologize, wish them luck, and even call them out. We can try to get the results we want till were blue in the face, but sometimes all of that making ourselves heard feels drowned out, and eventually we have to walk away.

But why is it when we let go of a situation or relationship that it's so easy to feel defeated, betrayed, and upset, all the while unconsciously knowing it can be good for us?!

Take a falling out with a friend, it can be uncomfortable, lonely, painful, yet even if we cant see it, there's a chance it could be a relief and whats best.

If we take a step back, we can take all sides of a situation, good or bad if you want to call it that, and find what worked and didn't work for us as individuals. In this way we can pull the lesson out of a situation, and not beat up on ourselves about our responses, behaviors, or actions but let ourselves learn from them.

When we've said all we can to address our concerns, and especially when we're continually left unacknowledged, it's okay to walk away. It doesn't make you stupid, or mean you did anything wrong when you don't get the results or reactions you expect. It simply means that you've chosen to voice your truth to deaf ears that chose not to hear. We can shout louder, make posts, send a text, but someone else's willingness to listen to what we have to say, isn't up to us.

Next time you don't feel heard by someone, take the opportunity to find the lesson in it. If they missed the opportunity you're offering, they aren't the right fit. It's okay to walk away. Just like they say on Instagram, take a closed door as a blessing in disguise. And that's my take on the subject.


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