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Brave Enough Briefings 8.10.20

"You're looking for the explanation, the loophole, the bright twist in the dark tale that reverses your story's course. But it won't reverse..."

-Cheryl Strayed


There is no fixing the wrongs. there is only moving forward, moving through acceptance. Don't try to fix what happened or dwell on what could have gone differently. Don't make yourself sick about it. Look at what can be done, what can be learned, and how you can grow. Do your best, and carry on.

When we say we want to change the universe will verify to see if we mean what we say. We will be presented with the same lessons, situations, patterns and will have the chance to react differently. The chance to try something new. It is in these moments we can find our free will and exercise our power.

Pain will always be painful, but when we turn our thoughts to what can be created, transformed, and blossomed out of that pain we find healing. Don't concentrate on the depth of wound that has been left, imagine the many ways in which you will fill it.



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