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Brave Enough Briefings 8.17.20

"You can't ride to the fair unless you get on the pony."

-Cheryl Strayed


You wont be able to reach your destination if you're too scared to take the first step. The journey starts when you get on the path, and continues with one foot in front of the other. Turning dreams into reality begins with an adventure. Without leaning into the uncomfortable, the unknown, you'll never know what lies ahead, or the treasures in store. The journey will not reveal itself without your willingness to take the leap of faith.

Saying we want to get there isn't enough. We must commit to the path, there is not one way and no way is easy. No matter the direction you take there are obstacles. You will stumble, you will triumph, you will laugh and cry. But it is the time we spend on the path that matters, and whether we find our way, or fade deeper into a maze.

Regardless of where you end up the movement is what matters, the stagnancy is the waste. Keep moving forward, one step, one minute, one boundary, one day, one second at a time. The pace that is right for you.



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