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Healing a Wound That's Deeper Than You

It may not have been your family or your fault - but that doesn't mean you don't have a role in the healing process.


Dear Black Man,

I am sorry if I mistook your passion for anger;

If I mistook your excitement for life, vitality and freedom of expression for being loud.

I am sorry if I saw your resilience and heart as fear in myself;

I am sorry I saw your inequitable ability to receive a loan or mortgage as you not working hard enough;

If I saw your unequal access to adequate nutrition and healthcare as you being lazy;

I am sorry if I saw your misrepresentation in the news that depicts you as violent and aggressive as truth;

I am sorry if I saw your community being injected with disease, crack, and guns as black-on-black crime;

I am sorry if I saw the entertainment industries glorification of sex and violence as a representation of your entire community.

I am sorry if I saw your being followed by shop owners and targeted, profiled, and murdered by police as being paranoid;

I see now that I have been taught what to see and not how.



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