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Social Media Detox: A Series of Digital Realizations (Section 3)


Our words can create and destroy worlds. That's some serious power if we can figure out how to yield it. They always say stick and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. What a lie. The things we say to one another can have deep and lasting effects both positive and negative. Now the question is what sort of effect do you want to have on others? Would you rather build people up of break people down with your words. You have the choice. You can encourage others to grow, support their work and uplift one another or you can troll, deface, incite anger, and create division. The exciting part is that we have a choice in what we decide to do.

We all have moment of weakness, we get angry, violent, lash out, express our emotions, pains, insecurities onto others or internalize and wound ourselves - this is only human. And the use of only here is not my favorite, because this is the beauty of being human. We have this vast pool of experience, emotion, and knowledge to pull from and the opportunity to change grow and adapt from these experiences. We get to choose. At some point, we become aware of the impact our actions have and have had on others. And it's no different in our choice of words. That creation and destruction of yourself and others is your choice. What will you choose and how will you use your words?


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