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Social Media Detox: A Series of Digital Realizations (Section 1)


I don't know about you but sometimes when it comes to social media I get hesitant about removing people from my space. Manufactured guilt looms over me feeding worries about how someone will perceive me or how some other mysterious connection might be affected. How others in the friend group will react, the underlying pressure to approve a request when there is an extensive list of mutual friends.

Finally I decided who cares. Well figuratively, I'm still working on it in practice, but the freedom we have in the realms of social media is just that - freedom.

We have the opportunity to craft what we see in our digital surroundings. Whether that's with an interest in dogs, hiking, homes, wood working, quotes, dancing, yoga, rock climbing, pottery, jewelry-making or anything under the sun- you have the freedom to explore and find what interests you. But this freedom goes beyond your interests and extends into your circle as well.

If you get to chose who you spend your time with in person you can also decide who you to share your social space with. You are by no means required to engage with folks who you don't want to online. But, just because you can unfollow, block, restrict, remove, erase, send to voicemail, whatever- doesn't mean its always the right thing to do. Over using these features for any reason could be an abuse of the tool, and of no benefit to you.

Do what's right for you but don't do it for the wrong reasons. Examine your why. Social media platforms can absolutely be toxic, draining, depressing and frustrating- but they can also be the opposite. Your health and well-being comes first. Just because John Doe wants to connect via LinkedIn or friend you on Facebook is no reason to accept. And vice-versa, if you review your friends, followers, or connections lists at any point and aren't comfortable you can break that connection. You are in control.


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