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Brave Enough Briefings 10.5.20

"This isn't a spotless life. There is much ahead my immaculate peach"

-Cheryl Strayed


Life isn't meant to be played safe. Without bumps and bruises we cant appreciate smooth sailing and beautiful skin. To be untouched, unhurt, unchanged, that's the real fear. If we were to go through life without these intense life altering uncomfortable events - how would we ever appreciate life as it is? As uncomfortable as it is beautiful, life cannot be simply one or the other. That would not be life. Life is constantly evolving, everchanging, a vast variety of experience, not good or bad, it just is. We get to chose how we let our experiences build us. Do we use our experiences to build us up into who we've always dreamed of being, or do we use them to break ourselves down and reaffirm we are nothing. It's what we choose.



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